Cost $510/person (flat rate equivalent to 6 hours of operator time)

  • Rate applies to internal clients and affiliated local research institutes/hospitals.
  • This  course/fee is for clients who are completely new to flow cytometry
Cost includes the following:
  • A one hour lecture and all relevant materials
  • All instrument time
  • A 3-hour instrument training session (in a group setting)
  • 2 additional individual follow-up sessions of 3-4 hours each (mandatory).
  • A 30 minute Flow-Jo tutorial
  • Training beyond the 10+ scheduled hours for the instruments is charged at the operator rate of $85/hour
Important Notes:
  • Training should only begin when you are almost ready to run samples on a regular basis.
    • Software training is quite intensive and it will take repeated solo practice sessions to become proficient.
    • A large gap between initial training and follow-up sessions is not recommended.
  • Training is provided for the analysers ONLY (FACS Canto II and LSRII/Fortessa)
    • No training is offered for new users of our legacy instruments – FACS Caliburs
    • No training is offered for our cell sorters.  
  • Training will only be provided for those investigators who become regular user of our facility.  i.e. if you intend to acquire your data at another Facility please seek instruction at that location.
  • It will take approximately 10-12 hours to solidify the concepts learned during the course.  After this, trainees are expected to practice on their own and request additional training time if necessary.
    • If after the completion of both follow-up sessions our instructors feel that more training is required, additional sessions will be charged at the hourly operator rate of $85/hour.
Advanced Preparation:

Our training is highly geared toward operation of the instruments and it is expected that new trainees have good knowledge of their experimental goals and other laboratory techniques prior to their first visit with us.

In preparation for  instrument training a good foundation in flow cytometry principles can be found on the ThermoFisher website,  please review this resource prior to your initial training session.

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