General Rules on Instrument Care

1. Leaving Instruments unattended.
  • The instruments must NEVER be left unattended without being placed in standby.
  • The consequence to an instrument, if left in “run” will be dry fluidics and a damaged flow cell especially if the UV laser is left on.
2. The rules for after-hours (after 5pm) and weekend use are now the following.
  • Instruments are to be turned off after all appointments unless directly contacted by the next client.
  • If a user is not on time for their appointment they should not expect to see that an instrument has been left on for them.
3. After-hours cancellations
  • If you cancel an afterhours appointment it is still your responsibility to ensure that the cytometers have been shut down. Do this by emailing the facility (in the daytime) or users scheduled before you to let them know you will not be present for your appointment.
4. Laser Standby Modes – Instruments with BD Coherent Connect Laser Control Software (X20s, LSR Fortessa)
  • When the instruments are not in use, the lasers should be in the OFF position before you begin the cleaning procedure.
  • Clean up is now the following.
    • Lasers OFF
    • Bleach – 5 min
    • FACS – 5 mins
    • Water – 5 mins
    • Empty waste container
    • Fill sheath container
    • Instrument power off


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