Rate & Services

Assisted Cell Sorting
  • Cell sorting  on our FACS Aria IIIu and Influx require the skill of a trained operator to acquire, analyse and eventually sort cells based on client directives.  Sorting is performed under sterile conditions in Class IIA biosafety cabinets.
  • Operator assisted BD FACS Melody sorting


Operator Assisted Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Clients who have not been trained to use the analysis systems or who are interested in achieving quick and reliable results may request professional service to acquire and analyze their data.  Once acquisition is complete, operators explain results and also provide data summaries which may include publication ready images (if requested).


Experimental Design and General Consultation >15mins
  • The expanding list of fluorophore choices, instrument configurations and broadening research interests make efficient experimental planning and design increasingly challenging.  Our experienced operators can help you review your plans, aid in panel design to help investigators achieve the cleanest results possible (minimum charges begin at $45.00 for a 30 minute appointment and then billed incrementally in 15 minute intervals thereafter).


Software Tutorials
  • To better understand your data and its analysis our staff can teach you to use popular data analysis platforms so you can create your own publication ready figures and statistics for your data sets.


Unassisted- Cell Sorting:
  • Regular clients of the facility that have been trained by us to use our analyzers can receive training to sort their own samples on the BD FACS Melody.  Note:  qualifications will be assessed by staff prior to agreeing to the training.


Instrument Training for New Users

Variable – from $550 -750

Depending on experience

Lab Orientation and Training for Experienced Users
  • Analyzers only


Unassisted  Canto II / LSRII  Acquisition:
Unassisted LSR Fortessa- 4- laser system
Unassisted LSR Fortessa X20 – 5-laser system


High Throughput Samplers
 0$/hr (must be booked)

Software Analysis Packages:

  • FlowJo analysis platform
    • Copies may be purchased for university affiliated laboratories at a discounted rate (~275 USD/computer/year)
      • Charged annually from May to April each year from the Principle Investigator’s account.
      • Available only to labs drectly financially linked through U of T.
    • Contact the facility to initiate the registration process via email.  Please include the hardware/mac address for your system in the message.
      • For Windows based computers:
        • Run the cmd function and enter  “ipconfig/all” in the dos window.
      • For MAC based computers:
        • System Preferences dialog box located under the apple icon.
        • Once you have opened the system preferences window, click on “Network”.
        • Choose the type of connection you are using (eg. Ethernet) and DOUBLE CLICK on it.
        • Please ensure to give me the Ethernet ID.

For our registered user who choose not to purchase software licences, a no cost stand alone workstation is available on a first come first serve basis. Software packages available on this system include:

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