June 7-9 10:00AM to 3:00PM
Room 7226, Medical Sciences Building

Beckman Coulter CytoFLEX SRT Benchtop Cell Sorter

The CytoFLEX SRT Cell Sorter is a compact sorting machine that can fulfill diverse sorting requirements. It is built with advanced features that streamline setup and operation, allowing researchers to concentrate on their scientific inquiries. This sorter employs a Violet-Blue-Yellow Green-Red (V-B-Y-R) Series equipped with 15 fluorescent detectors when completely activated, enabling intricate sort logic such as 4-way sorting and Mixed Mode sorting, while also capturing aborts and preserving delicate cells. Furthermore, the sorter’s setup is intelligent and uncomplicated, leveraging automation to establish and maintain the sorting flow.


May 17 12:30PM to 1:30PM
Room 7231, Medical Sciences Building


High dimensional full spectrum flow cytometry grants access to previously unattainable parameters in cellular immunology. However, spectral cytometry comes with its own idiosyncrasies and unique constraints. In this tutorial, we take a deep dive into a broadly focused human immunophenotyping panel with over 30 parameters to highlight some of the special features and potential pitfalls of spectral panel design. A demonstration of how such a panel can be adapted to deeply focus on specific immune cell subpopulations will also be presented.


June 13 12:00PM to 1:00PM
Room 7231, Medical Sciences Building


Miltenyi is excited to announce a live demonstration of the GentleMACS Octo with Heaters Tissue Dissociator. The GentleMACS Octo with Heaters is an automated tissue dissociator that allows for gentle and efficient dissociation/homogenization of various types of tissue samples in a fully automatic and consistent manner.
This powerful platform enables researchers to obtain high-quality single-cell suspensions for downstream applications such as flow cytometry, cell culture, and other assays. The GentleMACS Octo with Heaters Tissue Dissociator offers reliable and reproducible results with minimal hands-on time, saving researchers time and effort in their experiments.
During the live demonstration, attendees can witness the GentleMACS Octo and Heaters Tissue Dissociator in action and see how easily they can handle various tissue samples. Our team of experts will also be available to answer any questions and provide guidance on the best practices for using these tools in your research.


The University of Toronto’s Flow Cytometry Facility offers state-of-the-art analytical and high-speed cell sorting services to both academic and corporate clients. Our facility is located in the Medical Sciences Building next to Queen’s Park, a central and convenient location for users across the Greater Toronto Area.

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Individuals and parties interested in access to the University of Toronto’s Flow Cytometry Facility must first register and undergo training. For registration, hourly rates, and terms of usages, please consult the following pages.


Our facility is comprised of six state-of-the-art analyzers and three sorters from Becton Dickinson. Two instruments are spectrally enhanced for more complex user experiments.

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