Book My Lab – Usage Instructions

To use this website you must be a registered member of the Flow Cytometry Facility. Your login ID for Book My Lab is the email address you submitted for account registration. Your password will be assigned.

Scheduling Unassisted Appointments

  • Go the Calendar drop down to view today’s appointment schedule. The DAY VIEW Box at the top of the schedule will have a red box around it.
  • To add a new booking, click on the schedule for the correct instrument and drag to the right for the length of time you wish to reserve.
  • Move your mouse to the small black box that appears over your request and click the BOOK button.
  • Fill all fields in with as much detail as possible and click the “SAVE” button at the bottom of the “Add new record” dialogue window.
  • Go to your reservation and click “EDIT”.
  • There is a “Cancel” button at the bottom right side of the window.
  • Alternatively, go to the “Schedules” drop down menu and view the list of appointments you have made and cancel the appointment here.
  • Prime Time Hours (PTH) are represented by the grey bars in the middle of the calendar. You may not book more than 6 PTH per appointment (this leaves time during the day for other users to access the instruments if required).
  • You have up until 1 day before an appointment to cancel your appointment with no penalties.
  • Cancelling an appointment with less than 6 hours’ notice will result in full charges for the unused time on your supervisor’s account.
  • If an appointment is missed, the session will be charged in full.
  • If instruments are found to be left on overnight a $300.00 penalty fee will be applied to your account.
  • Cancellations will no longer be managed through the Operators and all must be completed through the Book My Lab software system.
  • Appointments deleted within 6 hours of initial start time will still be charged without exception.
  • If adjustments to timing or instruments are necessary, EDIT the appointment to move the appointment to a new time or instrument.

Requesting Appointments with Operators – Assisted-Acquisition

  • Requested by email only.
  • Operator schedules are locked and are not bookable by users.
  • Book the instrument on which you would like work done (example: Sorter – Aria IIIu).
  • You must choose a service, i.e. “Assisted – Sorting” or “Assisted – Acquisition”.
  • Select an operator (Parva or Vincent) then fill in as many details about your appointment as necessary.
    • IMPORTANT: Please indicate the biosafety levels of the samples you would like sorted so Operators can take the necessary personal protective measures.
  • Save the booking and your name will appear on both the operator and instrument’s schedule (accounts are charged only for the operator’s schedule).
  • Sorting appointments do not generally begin before 10:30 am for both the FACSAria IIIu and FACSSymphony S6 SE.
  • Acquisition/analysis appointments do not generally start before 9:30 am.
  • All appointments (sorting/acquisition) must be finished before 5pm (extensions are granted on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the operator).
  • If requesting an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, please notify the operator directly via email.
  • Cancel the appointment on the instrument schedule, the corresponding appointment on the operator’s schedule will also disappear.
  • Appointments with the operator should be cancelled with 48 hours’ (or more) notice to avoid fees for the unused time.
  • Appointments that are cancelled within 48 (or less) hours’ notice will be charged in full.
  • Please let the operator know via email, that you have cancelled your appointment, especially if cancelling with short notice.

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