Internal Clients:

All St. George Campus labs must provide the facility with their internal biosafety certificate information.  New trainees and clients who wish to obtain operator based services only must have successfully completed institutional biosafety and WHMIS training prior to working in our lab.

Please download the forms that best fit your intended use of the facility and submit, once completed  in  full, via email along with a brief description of your project.

Instrument Training – Registration Forms

Operator Assisted Experiments – Registration Forms

Observers – Registration Forms (for summer students and other trainees)

External Clients:

All clients from the University’s affiliated hospitals and research institutions must provide the details of and biosafety information for their projects.  Their institutional biosafety officer must review and sign our registration forms indicating that they are aware that you may be travelling off campus with samples for the purpose of bringing them to the University of Toronto.  Depending on the nature of your samples and your institution’s biosafety procedures, you may be required to complete training for Transportation of Dangerous Goods (please consult your institutional biosafety officer).

Once submitted to the facility, your forms will be processed internally and then sent to the U of T’s biosafety committee.  The approval process takes approximately  1 – 2  weeks.   We cannot work for you without this approval,  but once granted work can commence immediately.  We will contact you once everything has been cleared.

To begin this process please download and complete the external registration forms and submit scanned PDFs to the facility by email.

NOTE:  If more than one member of your lab wish to register with the facility, separate forms detailing each project must be submitted.  If lab members will be collaborating on the same project please add their names to the application on an additional blank page.

External Registration – For Training and Operator Assisted Experiments

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