Usage Policies

General Rules on Instrument Care

  • The instruments must NEVER be left unattended without being placed in standby mode.
  • The consequence(s) for an instrument, if left in run mode, will be the introduction of air into the system leading to dry fluidics and a damaged flow cell, especially if the UV laser is left on (say goodbye to replicating experimental stability).
  • Instruments are to be turned off after all appointments, regardless if there are bookings on Book My Lab, unless you are directly contacted by the next user booked.
  • If a user is not on time for their appointment they should not expect to see that an instrument has been left on for them.
  • If you cancel an after-hours appointment it is still your responsibility to ensure that the flow cytometers have been shut down. Do this by emailing the flow cytometry facility (during daytime working hours) and/or the user scheduled before you to let them know you will not be present for your appointment.
  • When the analyzers are not in use, the lasers should always be switched to OFF before you begin the cleaning procedure.
  • The clean-up procedure is now composed of the following:
    • Switch all lasers to OFF in BD Coherent Connection.
    • Run a tube of BD FACSClean (bleach) for  5 minutes.
    • Run a tube of BD FACSRinse (detergent) for 5 minutes.
    • Run a tube of distilled water for 5 minutes.
    • Ensure the waste container is emptied and refilled with 800mL of bleach.
    • Ensure the sheath tank is refilled to the line.
    • Power off the flow cytometer.

Every month, the facility staff performs a data cleanup in BD FACSDiva™, removing data from accounts where it was left in the software. In cases where data needs to be removed from an individual’s account, a 15-minute operator charge of $22.50 will be added to your PI’s account for each cytometer. It is important to note that this fee can be easily avoided by simply deleting your own data.

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